Choosing the right words for your business


One of the most important skills I've learned as a London copywriter is the need to customise a company's tone of voice to its audience. So, for example, a corporate company needs to use formal, professional language if it's targeting the B2B (business-to-business), market, as it's readers may be senior professionals and/or business owners.  In contrast, a company targeting the B2C (business-to-consumer) market usually needs copy that is more personal and informal, as the typical customer will be an individual consumer.


Getting the point across efficiently


I believe all website copywriting must be as simple and as succinct as possible. That means every word needs to add value to your business, products or services. Nothing should be wasted. My goal is to make sure your customers keep reading until the very last word.


How I motivate myself


I have always enjoyed writing about topics that might initially appear uninteresting but are actually (more often than not) misunderstood. Therefore, my goal is to introduce concepts and ideas that challenge people's perceptions. That's the kind of copywriting I like: content that goes far beyond the obvious benefits and introduces people to ideas that they may never have considered. 


Here are some examples of different topics that have inspired me:


EXAMPLE 1: SRI (Sustainable, Responsible and Impact Investing)


This may not sound particularly appetising to anyone outside of the financial world. Yet, with climate change one of the greatest threats to our survival, copywriters in London and all over the world have a vital role to play in marketing brands that are committed to building a sustainable future. Because I have always had an interest in the natural world, I am passionate about writing on topics concerning SRI.  I constantly to keep up-to-date with its developments - from climate-change legislation to clean-energy investments - so I can learn and understand more.




Again, this might not seem like the most exciting topic of choice for the creative copywriter. However, once you learn about how crucial broadband is for telecommuters, distance-learners, people who buy their groceries online, online banking, booking healthcare services online, and so on, you soon begin to realise just how much there is to talk about! 


Between 2012 and 2016, I wrote thousands of articles on broadband for a price-comparison website targeting the business and consumer markets.




I could list dozens of reasons why it's so important for businesses of all sizes and sectors to provide contactless payments. It's quick, easy and convenient, but did you know that it can also reduce queue sizes, boost productivity, and even increase revenue?


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