Why am I a copywriter?

Why did I decide to become a copywriter? Well, I could write a very long 10,000-word explanation (this what I do, after all!), but it's probably best if I sum it up in three points:


1 - I always wanted writing to be at the core of what I do. Whether it's writing website content or blogs, this is where I feel comfortable in my role within a business.


2 - I love learning about new businesses. From entrepreneurial financial technology start-ups in the London Silicon Roundabout, to big retail brands and travel companies, I love getting to know my clients' businesses before I start writing.


3 - I would be doing it in my spare time anyway. Yes, had I not chosen writing as a career, I would probably be jotting down notes for my next novel every lunchtime, and cramming in thousands of words every evening after work. It's just something I enjoy, so it makes sense that this is my day job!


My background: 


I have been a copywriter and editor since 2009, when I began looking for ways to break into the sector to develop a portfolio. I have a Bachelor of Science from the Open University, with the majority of my studies consisting of linguistics and finance modules. I also have A-Levels in History, Geography and Psychology.


For more detailed information on my experience, please ask for my CV or see my portfolio.

Where am I based?

I have lived in London for seven years, having moved here from Worcestershire. I am currently based near West Dulwich, within easy reach of central London. I am just as comfortable working from home as I am commuting to an office in the City or the West End. I enjoy the flexibility and simplicity of working from home, but I also like having the opportunity to learn from others when working at a client's office.