Why copywriters and investment writers must make make climate change matter

Worcester floods, 29-12-2015
Worcester floods, 29-12-2015

As Charles Dickens once wrote, 'It was the best of the times, it was the worst of times'.

Donald Trump's latest decision to abandon the Paris Agreement sent shock waves throughout the political world.


It means the fight to beat climate change will be much tougher.


But all is not lost.


There are still tremendous opportunities.


Especially for investment writers and copywriters.




Because regardless of what Trump thinks,  the scientific consensus for human-induced climate change is too powerful to ignore.


All over the world - from alternative-energy investors to clean-energy businesses – entrepreneurs are slamming the brakes on unsustainable business practices and steering the world to a safer, more sustainable future.


Just look at what Uruguay - a developing country - achieved in 2015.


Renewable energy for 94.5% of its electricity.


Or China's solar and wind power.


Investing more than $160 million per day in renewable energy from 2017 to 2020.


Investors  and businesses are quickly adapting to a new world – with or without the Paris Agreement


And to maximise their impact, they need copywriters to tell everyone what they are doing and why others should follow in their foot steps


Writers can influence investor behaviour

If a copywriter could persuade 10,000 individuals, each with £10,000 to invest, to put their money in a green investment portfolio instead of a portfolio comprising fossil fuel companies, that would be a significant move in the right direction. To do this, however, people need to be convinced, equipped with the facts and information they need to make the right choice.


Help investors and consumers understand the financial and non-market impacts of climate change


Investing is about planning your financial future. Which is why writers need to tell people how climate change could affect them in the years to come.


For example, research by Paul Watkiss Associates for the The Joseph Rowntree Foundation in 2016 found that, in the UK, climate change will affect:

  • People's direct expenditures such as household heating

  • Indirect domestic costs such as insurance premiums in areas at greater risk of flooding

  • Indirect international costs such as crop yields

  • Policy costs such as electricity

  • Non-market costs (quality of life) such as health impacts and environmental costs.

Read the full guide here (PDF)


Sustainable, responsible and impact investing


The latest 'super trend' in the investment world. Sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) enables investors to generate long-term financial returns through good environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), which has a positive impact on society. 


SRI was worth $8 trillion in the United States by 2016 - a 33% increase from 2014.


Getting SRI through to a wider audience


SRI investors are passionate about the environment and clean technology. And they need great copywriters to tell everyone what they're doing - from blog writing on the latest trends in solar energy, to white papers on the impact of climate change on global food prices.



These messages need to be communicated - and its the job of copywriters to get them across to the masses.